Irish Northern Aid
Hartford, Connecticut Unit
Peace and Justice
5 ways to support the Irish peace process.
"A united voice of Irish-American support for freedom and justice in Ireland and a powerful weight on the side of peace, the Irish Northern Aid Committee plays a major role in promoting self-determination and reconciliation in Ireland."
--Gerry Adams
Hunger Strikers' Memorial
Hartford's tribute to the Republican martyrs.
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Martin McGuinness
Local activists and legislators host Sinn Fein leader
1920: De Valera in Hartford
The Irish fugitive's visit to our city
back to Homefront
Barnard's Black Taxi
Traveling north and south: plastic bullets, performance art, neighborhoods under attack, globalizing resistance, and reconciliation.
2002 St. Patrick's Day Parade
40,000 people view the Hartford INA contingent as we focus attention on Holy Cross and the 30th anniversary of Bloody Sunday
Siege at Holy Cross
Lisa Irvine visits Hartford to describe the "gauntlet of hate" faced by Catholic families at the Holy Cross School for Girls in north Belfast.
No Longer a Tourist
Hartford Noraid member relates his travels to the north of Ireland to commemorate Bloody Sunday.
Belfast Journey
Hartford INA members join the 2001 historic march for the 25th anniversary of the Hunger Strikers
Hartford Irish Northern Aid
What local activists are doing and how you can help.
Marching in Hartford
INAC members take our message of peace and justice to thousands at the St. Patrick's Day parade, 2003
Stories from the North
Our 2004 Irish tour of the North, hosted by
An Coiste, the ex-prisoners' group
In Memoriam
Obituary for Andy Fernandes, long-time Hartford INA activist and friend
The Truth Comes to Hartford
The campaign to discover the truth about British collusion in Irish murders, from An Fhirinne.
Stories from the H-Blocks
On March 16, Hartford INA showed the powerful film "H 3" based on the events of the 1981 hunger strike at Long Kesh prison.
Rebuilding Lives
Sharon Murphy of Coiste na n-Iarchimi tells us about the work being done to help ex-prisoners win back their lives since the Good Friday Agreement.
Breaking Down the Border
Sinn Féin's Sean Oliver visits Hartford.  The latest on the Peace Process, the
"All-Ireland" campaign, and moving
from resistance to political power.
Carrying the Banner Forward
When the Hartford Unit of Irish Northern Aid stepped off for the St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 14th, its members were carrying on an organizing tradition that dates back over 40 years.

Since 1970, Irish Northern Aid (INA) has been in the forefront supporting the struggle for freedom, justice, and self-determination for all the people of Ireland.

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Members of the Hartford INA Unit at the 2009
St. Patrick's Day Parade
SF's Pat Traynor
in Hartford
"We have a plan to end British rule and reunify Ireland"  the Sinn Fein rep tells Hartford Irish Northern Aid.   He's here to talk, and to listen.
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Malachy McDonald:
Tiocfaidh ár lá
Remembering one of our own