SF’s Pat Traynor Speaks in Hartford

“Our strategy has always been to explain each step in the peace process with our American supporters, to talk and to listen.”  With that, Sinn Féin’s Pat Traynor began his report to a crowd of Hartford and Springfield INA members last October.

“We have a plan to end British rule and to reunify Ireland,” Pat stated.  “The War brought the Brits to the table.”  The republican movement exposed the true role of the British in the north:  “they weren’t peacekeepers between two warring tribes” Pat says, they were the real source of the troubles.  “But we internationalized the struggle,” and developed support throughout Europe, the U.S. and Australia.

The power-sharing government between Sinn Féin and the DUP took hold in May, 2007.  The outstanding challenges include an equitable policing and justice system that is accountable to the community. 

In addition, the movement has to continue to recruit young people and women into its leadership in preparation for the June, 2009 elections and beyond, Pat told the group. n
Pat Traynor (center) in Hartford